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As an artist my vision has been the alternate, the non-vision: outside of actuality, history, purposes, calculations, duality. Rather I have attempted to find that part of oneself, often obscured from consciousness, that is open to the infinite. But if my oeuvre seems nihilistic, an exploration founded on negation, on undermining all values and overturning our ideas about what is permitted and forbidden, it is only an attempt to find the ultimate affirmation, that of rapture of pure being.

My landscapes are landscapes of the mind, my figurative works have figures that converge only to end in dissolution. At times, I seek to capture a moment impregnated with the momentum of change, a moment that dies only to find rebirth in an altered form.

I delight in finding the universe slippery enough to escape our mechanistic models. My art is testament to this. My betrothal to nature stems from the fact that the world I find is essentially creative, imbued with a spirit that is elusive.

Rapture is the artist’s aspiration, art is merely the frantic attempt to describe this feeling.

Germinio Pio Politi





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